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EasyLearn Corporate Portal

A dedicated and branded Learning Management System (LMS) blending into your corporate’s identity. This e-Learning portal is the right choice for Businesses, Training Institutions or Government organisation that wish to offer computer-based training to their employees and stakeholders. Check out the main features of the corporate portal here .

EasyLearn Online Shop

Offers online courses of various subjects and authors to the public. You can buy a course at our Shop which is thereafter available for a certain time to complete and optionally pass an exam. The Shop offers course content developers, authors and training providers an e-Learning platform on which they can publish and sell their courses. Moreover, we offer the Online Shop as a dedicated and branded solution to Training Providers. Learn more about how to sell your courses online!

Screenshot of EasyLearn Online Shop

EasyLearn Policy Portal

This solution, based on our e-Learning portals, is a dedicated and branded portal focussing on the distribution and recording of the acceptance of a corporate’s policies. Aside making policies electronically accessible, the acknowledgement and sign-off of the policy also takes place online. This allows an organisation to obtain real-time and full historical information about who read, acknowledged and signed-off a policy.

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Content Conversion

We convert your course material into online training that is easy and fun, guaranteed!
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e-Learning Consulting

We are the right partner if you want to utilise e-Learning in your organisation. Planning, design, implementation and/or operation, here you get it all from one source.
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Whether engaging with training providers, course authors, corporates or government institutions – we not only create sound competencies but also a network of expertise and trust. Easy Learn Africa brings together the people that are playing a crucial role in the development and implementation of education and creates powerful e-Learning solutions and Learning Management Systems (LMS) for further strengthening our countries by enhancing the knowledge of our fellow citizens and embarking on an educated future.

We are based in Windhoek, Namibia, operate world-wide and cater mainly for three types of customers:
Course providers, such as Authors, Trainers, Consultants and Training Institutes, looking for a trusted e-Learning platform upon which to sell their courses and training material.
Businesses requiring an effective e-Learning system to manage volumes of learners and track progress of training courses.
Individuals wanting to improve their skills, learn a new skill or pursue a hobby by enrolling into courses via our Online Shop.

Vision of Easy Learn Africa
Easy Learn Africa believes that all Africans can thrive in digital class rooms that are engaging, learning-focussed and inclusive
Mission of Easy Learn Africa

We deliver superior e-Learning solutions and services for corporates, training providers and authors

Values of Easy Learn Africa
Innovation, Trust,
Collaboration, Authenticity,
Excellence, Boldness,
People Relationships and


Olaf Reetz
Olaf Reetz
Olaf obtained a Hons. BCom with majors in Statistics, Applied Data Processing and Bank Management. Olaf has extensive experience in the field of statistics and data management.
Almarie Bartsch
Almarie Bartsch
Almarie is a BA LLB graduate with over 10 years’ experience in the financial services industry focussing on AML/CTF/Sanctions implementation and compliance risk management.
Lucky Richter
Lucky Richter
Lucky is an experienced, qualified business person with a strong list of contacts and referral network. As promoter he brings extensive expertise in sales and negotiation skills.
Simon Mostert
Simon Mostert
Simon is an Honours in Accountancy graduate with 15 years’ experience in audit, risk and governance. He completed his articles with KPMG Chartered Accountants and Auditors.
Jürgen R. Weiss
Jürgen R. Weiss
Jürgen obtained a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering with specialisation in Computer Science. He has more than 30 years’ experience in the ICT industry .


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